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SCSlogo-smGreetings singers,

Time for another season of the Summit City Singers to start up. Hopefully those of you who sang with us in the past will be returning and maybe some of you who haven’t sung with us will join us.

Membership in the Choir is open to all people, ages high school through adult, within the community and surrounding areas. The members should be able to match pitch and be willing to attend the scheduled rehearsals and concerts. Auditions are not required. There is a suggested donation of $5 your first season to help cover the expense of a music folder. Want to join us?

Spring and fall rehearsals are held at
Shawnee Middle School (1000 E. Cook Road, Fort Wayne) on Tuesday evenings from 7 – 8:30 pm.

Director/President – Judy King 260-489-4505
Vice President – Lew Lederman
Secretary – Linda Gaff
Treasurer – Paralee Dooley
Historian/Member at Large – Heather Blickendorf
Members at Large – Nancy Fecher & Marty Rutan

10 responses to “Who Are We

  1. I am writing to inquire about having your group, or a few members of your group perform for the New Haven Parks and Recreation Senior Christmas Party on December 10th from at 1:30pm for approximately 45 minutes. Do you do this, what is the cost and your availability?

    Thank you,

  2. Christina Evans

    Are you currently accepting new members?

  3. Mitch Meinholz

    Hi Lew, my name is Mitch and I’m with the Fort Wayne Komets. We are giving special offers to those groups who have purchased tickets with us this season. I see you worked with Tammy earlier this season. This offer is for groups of 15 or more. We can be flexible also if it’s 10 or more. If you can bring more than 20 people, we will give you 4 free playoff tickets and a free Komets playoff t-shirt. To make things easy, I can set up an account for you. This way all anyone would have to do is go to the link provided and order the tickets. This is the first time we have ever opened the playoffs with a Friday and a Saturday game. We are very excited and hope we can get a huge crowd to help support us. Come out to the game and let’s have some fun! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  4. My name is Shelly Thompson. I am interested in joining your choir. I am a former member of Dekalb High School’s Classic Connection. I’d love to attend a Tuesday rehearsal and am hoping to learn more about what you do. I am a strong Alto Singer and hoping you have room for me to join.
    Shelly Thompson

  5. Hi,
    I am interested in joining your singing group. I have not sang for quite some time. However since you are a SATB would you willing to take a high and low range baritone?



  6. When do the fall rehearsals begin?



    • Sorry for the delay in getting to comments and updates on the site. YES!!! We want you!! We have had 3 rehearsals, but it is not too late to get started. Simply come in next Tuesday about 10 minutes before rehearsal and we will get you set up.

  7. I am interested in joining and would like to know your current rehearsal schedule.
    Ann Hunsberger

    • We have just started our performances for the fall/winter season, but we will start rehearsals again February. We will be sure to drop you an email letting you know with enough notice. Looking forward to having you join us.

    • Ann,
      This is Judy King, the director of the Summit City Singers. I did not have your comment forwarded to me so just saw it today. If you are still interested in joining us we would love to have you. Please contact me at tjking1812@frontier.com.

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